Anerica you lied

America you lied

You told me

Slavery and racism

Wasn't supposed to take

Place in the present

But clearly we're still living

In the past

Where my melanin

Is offensive

Offensive enough for

A cop to pull me over

And kill me,when I didn't

Do anything,but nobody has the strength

To have my back,because

I am black,and it's fine because

Here in America a white cop

Is superior,and have more rights than me,

We are trapped

When we try to speak up

We get arrested,America you lied,because I remember you said freedom of assembly

And speech,was granted

Then why do we get punished for the rights you promised? Is it because my melanin is offensive,offensive enough for a job to be more eligible for a white guy and not me.I have a family

To feed and it's hard to feed them

But you wouldn't know America

Because it's been easy for you America .

You've been busy lately trying to “make America great again “.

All by yourself,you forgot About us just like old times and just like today.

This is not an “American dream”

Because you wake everyone on the

border with reality

Just remember,America you lied.

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My community


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