On Andy Warhol's Silver Clouds


United States
41° 41' 48.4008" N, 88° 11' 50.694" W

There they were
Just flying, just
f l o a t i n g

Twirling. Teaching us how to
dance through a hidden silver lining as they
spun carefree. Waiting for the next
arrival at this celestial department store.

Surrounded by white walls (is this heaven?).
Black fans standing as sentinels
keeping the clouds.
It’s a nice hum.

A woman in black is
weaving among the clouds.
I know her.
I join her.

We see ourselves float away
and wave at our reflections.
Multiple ‘me’s and
several ‘she’s.

We are learning how to live.
Surrounded by white walls and clouds
Life passes quickly; be quick to live.

There we are
just floating just
d a n c i n g

Amidst our silver lining.


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