And that was that


I don’t know what I

Had expected

To come from this year.


It could have been


Or fun

Or a story worth telling.


But my year

Did not go as planned.

And things fell through.

And people changed.

And that was that.


I went to school

And then I went to practice

And then I went to study

And then I went to bed.

The cycle was boring,

But it was neither easy nor hard.

And that was that.


I met a guy.

His name I’d rather not say.

He made me happy,

And then he left.

And that was that.


I stayed up too late,

Many many times.

I witnessed a lot of sunrises,

And I got a lot of

“U up?” texts.

And that was that.


I took up boxing,

My therapist said it would help.

I liked it,

I loved it.

And I think I still do.

And that was that.


I was sad, very sad.

Then I was mad, very mad.

But eventually

I was okay.

Because you’re going to end up


And that was that.


My year was not really

What I had expected.

But it happened

And now I am here.

And I am me.

I am the me that I am,

Because of this year.

And that was that.



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