And they call this His Earth


I realized that I live in world that lacks common sense. 
Yet we continue to commence wars and debt.
Yet we continue to commence blindsided ignorance and believe in one sided story that white men and black men and white women and black women and different races and faces... all read from a teleprompter.
See.. today.. I realized I lived in a world that lacked common sense.
See this all roots back to hundreds of years ago yet like a seed, we planted it and nurtured it and let it grow.
We rooted the ignorance that is planted across this earth yet no one bothers to stop it.. we jus watch it spread like words that we heard from another man that got it from another man who over heard it from his friend.
Like a game of telephone, we believe whatever we hear without finding evidence that supports it or doing research of our own.
And the truth of that matter is that whether you're a child or grown, we all get lazy and it's crazy because those are the same ones who never hold their tongues.
Boasting with illiteracy and a lack of common sense, the common mind with the common ear chooses to listen.
And it's saddening.. because the few that hold the power to stop it, come in small amounts.
And they say this is America.. where everything counts, yet it's like those votes never matter because our voices are never heard or shown.
No matter how much intelligence that few may hold.. the ignorant men and women are always made known. 
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