And So, I Became A Doctor

And so I study my heart,

My brain, my ass of

And so I wrote and read in scarlet blood

In salty tears, in sips of Cuban coffee

Freshly brewed every hour or two

From the minutes when the sun’s fingers peek through the snoring trees

To the hours when Apollo waves goodbye over the sleepy mountains.


And so I wore a dull armor, with all its chinks and scratches

Its white fluttering cape, torn and stained

Wield an old rusty sword and carry a worn out shield and a second hand copy of Gray’s Anatomy

Into the dimension that is your body.


And so, the bits and pieces of the cosmos that somehow bound themselves together

To form the valleys of your brain,

To form the muscles in your lungs

To form the fibers-those translucent carbon bonds- of your being

Becomes a world that I traverse

An Earth in which I can bathe in its rivers of blood

Climb its mountainous breast

And explore the caverns of the heart

A world that belongs to you

Where I am a frequent visitor

A world that is completely yours

But you can never see it.


And so I know more about you

Than you will ever know about yourself

And so you will have to trust me

And so I have to be an unwelcomed invader into the Eden that is within your body

A holy temple of worship that someone like me clad in

Blood stained, coffee stained, ink stained

Iodine stained, guilt stained, debt stained, stress stained

white coat

With bags of charcoal underneath my weary, knowledgeable eyes

Enters in blasphemy,

In the mission to bring you back to the kingdom of the Well.


And so, I lay my ear on your chest

The smell of Isopropyl alcohol overpowered the scent of Cuban coffee and oranges on your bedside table

The soft thumps and gurgles in your world echoed back

And I understood.


Ask me why I chose the masochistic vocation of medicine and I reply

That I too have my own universe

Invaded by aliens in White Coats and latex gloves

I too am ignorant to the world they get to see

Perhaps it is sheer masochism

Curiosity or pride

But I had to know

I had to enter the House of God

I had to sate my thirst, my lust

For your Universe

And so, I became a Doctor.


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