And She Will Rise

Tue, 02/04/2020 - 02:00 -- mrymklm

In the silence of the night

she shall find lonely-

a lone flower in an island

dresses in monotone hues

black, grey, blue

but of all colors she is most blue

she dares not talk of the monsters

that keep her company ‘til dawn

they crawl underneath her sheets

like creepers in the nightfall

they linger in her cold limbs

long enough to feel the reaping

in her skin as she descends into



         she is still.


In the silence of the night

she shall find peace-

she unclasped the hands of the devil

wringing her restless soul

her screams echo into prayers

desperate for God’s light to reach her

the wind blew west and

her body moves along like autumn leaves

swaying slowly, more steadily

the angels watch her from above

the shadows bury her in the dusk

the stars sing her lullabies

a splash of beauty

the promise of serenity


she is free.


In the silence of the night

She shall find the things she seeks-

In the summer, when days are longer and nights are shorter

In the fall, when the last dead autumn leaf crackled underfoot

In awry winter nights, when storms violently take over

In the spring when flowers blossom in bright pastel hues

She shall rise above the earth

bearing with her a name

carved in the mud of her years-long resistance.



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