And With Love.

She hugged her

asking  how was your day

and then glared at me 

and with pity 

asked the same.


I'd sit there and wonder

what a hug felt like 

when it came form a mother 

who cared like no other 

for the daughter she had created.


She hugged her 

declaring I love you 

and then glared at me

with uncaring eyes 

her I love you was so dry.


Tears slipped out my eyes 

when I couldent remeber her smile 

her faint laughter 

slowly sliped form my mind

and alone I felt again. 


She hugged me

and said I feel lonely 

I glared at her

and with love

I said dont worry.


Though I was missing

the love of a mother

I had come to learn

the love I had lost 

was to gain another.


So when others came along 

missing another

my heart was strong

as one form a mother 

and with love 

I gave to others. 










This poem is about: 
My family


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