And it will be OK

The wind is blown and all my dreams are out the window.
the dirt was swept up too, so that it mingled with the sunshine;
and now the light is dim.
The storm is past; it made the airplanes plunge into the ground.
it left yesterday's tallest towers in heaps of ashes on every road;
and now my path is blocked
The truth be told? I tried my best to stay nonchalant,
but in the end, I didn't stand a chance in the face destruction --
and now it's up to me to get back up and keep on walking.
But I'll stay true; for I trust my failure has it's meaning;
and I won't just sit here, waiting for the mess to clean itself up.
yesterday's castle has crashed from the sky, but tomorrow it will have been put back together...
And built even higher, stronger and more majestic than ever it was before. 


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