And His Name Was Father


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There was a bright man once who taught me everything he knew, He would tell me “Jasmine I can teach you everything I know but the decisions you choose to make are up to you.” I’ve lived with this man since I was two and thought of him each time I didn’t know what to do. He would hold my hand when I would stumble upon a crack and tell me each time… mistakes are made but you must never look back. He would protect me from anything in this cold world, He will protect me from anything for I am his little baby girl. A lot of times I would believe you were just telling me what to do, until every little thing you said started to come true. I remember the times when you would iron our clothes and take us to school, tell us you love us and we would say “we love you too”. I remember those times when you would take us to the park, I remember when you would call us in your room after you would fart. I remember hearing you will grow up fast! Not believing this was true I would go get mad, now in two years I’ll be grown and I’m sure you’ll be glad. You would guide me on the paths of wrongs and rights and tell me exactly what path to take, so many people has thrown stones at you but I have yet to see you break… And his name was father and, no he wasn’t perfect but was the first person by my side if ever someone would hurt me. Yes it was my father who showed me I can when I would believe I can’t… Yes Jon is my father… and the true definition of a man…

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Jasmine Jones

Had I Never Called You Back?

Had I never called you back? Just how far would you have gone? Would you have remembered to come back to me after you’ve gone for too long?

Had I never called you back? Would you have thought of me on your journey? Would you think about our good times together, or the times that you hurt me?

Had I never called you back? Would you have continued on your way? Or would you have remembered your promise? You know… “I promise I will stay”,

Had I never called you back? Would you have called for me at least one time? Or would you have continued on your trip with me the last thing on your mind?

Had I never called you back? Be honest would you really care about my pain? Would it make you feel a little upset? Or make you feel ashamed?

And then this one time I didn’t call you back, but just to see how far you would have gone, I turned my back waited for sometime… And you didn’t make it back home…

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