And the Dream Continues

And the critics will deride and scorn,
But we will march on,
Heading towards the freedom that will be born
The skies will open up and our eyes will come upon
A place of equality, where our dreams have turned into reality
And on that day we will turn to our critics, with the upmost congeniality
shake their hands, and smile to ourselves. For you cannot stop a river
from flowing into the sea, you cant stop the cold from making you shiver
There are things their power cannot control
Determination is one of them and our dreams are another
While they can beat our bodies, they cannot touch the soul
Everything will be okay, so long as we dream together.
Our Riders will continue to ride, whether or not our contenders are pleased
Our people will eat where they choose, no white man shall be appeased
Mankind will not be divided by color or race
Rather, let one’s morals decide his place.
No one shall be limited to an unsanitary bathroom
Or be separated by a water fountain.
Do not believe in the ways they spread their oppressing doom,
For fear never helped anyone climb a mountain.
And the critics will deride and scorn,
Let them go, for nothing will stop boundaries from being torn
For they do not know what these dreams are capable of,
Because we believe and follow the power from above.


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