By and By

The Greeks believed that two humans used to be joined together

However because of our combined power the gods decided that we should be severed

And they hoped that our two halves would wander through life and be apart forever

But what happened is something they couldn't anticipate ever, and the years went by and by


I journeyed through life like a wild dog does too

And what I mean by that is that we enjoy life but are always looking to make our pack grow to two

So for most of my life I stared at the moon and sang my blues

Little did you know that I was longing for you, and the years went by and by


I remember the day I saw you because you shone like gold

It was like a spotlight from heaven was upon you as if the angels were saying "Behold!"

And as soon as we made eye contact I knew that my heart was in your control

So began this journey that the gods never foretold, and the seconds went by and by


We hiked hand in hand up the mountain until we reached our special place

Once we found our spot I pitched my hammock and we began to embrace

Then I looked in your eyes, put my hand behind your neck, and kissed those soft lips on your face

And a moment was created that I could never replace, and the seconds went by and by


My legs were shaking and my excitement could not be kept inside

And as i looked to my right I could see your mothers smile as she cried

Then the door swung open and I was blinded by the beauty of the prize I eyed

And on that day you became my bride, and the seconds went by and by


Years have passed since that day and we have added two more to our name

They both our very different, yet very much the same

I see you in both of them, our sons hair, and our daughters smile that sets the world aflame

And it all just made my love for you harder to tame, and the years went by and by


Its been two years now since God took his most precious angel away

And not a second goes by that I don't pray that you could've had one more day

I know it is greedy for me to wish you could come back down and stay

But I also know that when I look up, you are watching me and I know you're okay

And it seems as if we tricked the gods when we found our other halves and made their plans go astray

And when the Lord calls me home to you, the first thing ill say

Is that my love for you continues to grow and it will never decay, and eternity will go by and by


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