Ancient water

The Ancient water 

The silver tree 

The old one's Frost Heart 

Hidden deep in the sea

Was lost long ago 

In the Battle of the Freeze 

Home of the Cold Soul

Who may never leave 

Trapped in the stone 

Can no longer breath 

Just skin and bone 

The price of a thief 

What did they steal 

In the Endless Sleep 

Know one knows

The Curse, is now theirs to  keep 

For many ways, in endless days 

Does this curse slowly creep

Silently, Finally 

Capturing, Violently 

Not letting go

Of the restless soul

who fell much too deep

claimed by something much darker than sleep"


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world




have voices or are you all to chiken to tell me

that they are awful? because trust me, nothing

is a whole lot worse

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