An Analysis of a Life As a Teenage Girl

What's wrong with not wanting to be like her.
Not caring how your hair and make up look every day
Not caring if your jeans make your butt look good
Not caring if the clique accepts you
I'll Tell you what's wrong with it
You can't have him.
The guy whose laugh makes you smile
The guy who you hope so desperately to impress.
The guy who makes you feel like a giddy little girl again
So you change your hair
Wake up an extra hour to make sure everything looks good
Plaster on a fake smile hoping to get his attention
Looking for the right prom dress that will make his jaw drop and say "woow"
All in hopes that he'll see you like he sees her
But your efforts are futile and go unnoticed
So you wonder what does she have that you don't
Is it that she has no sense of self worth
Or maybe because she is so willing to say whatever no matter who it hurts to get to the top
All you wanted was someone to sit and talk to at three in the morning when everyone else was asleep
Someone to go snowmobiling all day and end the night with a scary movie and hot chocolate 
Someone to cheer you on when your doing bad or good
Someone that will sit in the stands for you and you can look up and see them smiling encouraging you no matter the score
Someone to lay on the couch and cuddle with giving Eskimo kisses and laughing until it hurts
Someone that will dance in the rain and splash through the puddles
But you can't have that because your not like her
You won't be able to grab him from behind to surprise him with a hello kiss 
You won't be able to say "he is mine and I couldn't be happier"
You won't be able to have that shoulder to lean on when it seems like everything is crashing down
Because you don't want to be like her
You don't want to be more then a Barbie
You don't want to have to watch your everyone move so you can keep up the idea that you have a perfect life 
You don't want to change yourself in order to get him to notice
You want to wear sweats and hear you still look beautiful
You want to act like one of the guys and be adored for it
You want to be you and hear that he couldn't ask for anything better
But you can't because you don't want to be like her
And because of that you can't have him.


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