Amorous Things

I admire all the excellent qualities that you possess.
Do you really have a strong desire for my love?

Baby, I’m awaiting your warm embrace tonight.
Please let your magnificent charm thrill my heart.

Kiss me here, kiss me there, and kiss me over again.
Hug me tightly and squeeze me like a teddy bear.

Do you honestly miss me when I’m not around?
You alone can satisfy my craving in every way.

You said you wanted me to be your first love,
So show me that you’re seriously in love with me.

Rosy, come and fill my world with endless ecstasy.
Surely, you can trust me with your vulnerably heart.

I’m your adorer, so beckon me anytime you want.
Assure me that I’m the one you want in your life.

Nod and promise me that you’ll always be kind to me.
Believe me when I say I’m madly in love with you.

Baby, if you permit me to demonstrate my feelings,
I’ll do all these amorous things and more for you.


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