Among the Minds of Children


I've heard and lived in such a place, where fear is no such thing.  Where happiness its cheery queen and laughter its lofty king.   Some do recall this wonderland a burden held upon them; where happiness and sounds of joy are envy growing on them.  This place of Majesty, Hope and Smiles, varies from soul to soul. Some with music, dance, and stories, many more playing faux.  My wonderland was such a place, where ribbons and smiles unfolded. The crown was always atop my head and bear was my beloved. Prancing, dancing, and hiding from that wicked, nasty witch... that chased me through my kingdom, to overthrow me before I could defeat them. Where thunder was a dragon's roar and my mind pristine as snow, nothing could be better in this little land of my own.  I'm older now and such a place still rings in my mind. Although I cannot journey there I still hold the key... and one day I shall return with a new heir to the thrown, where she shall rule and run and jump and laugh just as I had done.  That will be my wonderland, and I'm pleased to say, somehow, its much sweeter this way.



I wrote this in reference to the innocence of childhood, how simple and safe it can be, and how some have it rather difficult. It also is from the perspenctive of what I think would be a mother; her wanting her children to have the same care free happiness she did as a child.


Writing this was very enjoyable. :)

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