Among me

Amoung me ,there are two
There was me
And now there is you
With your dreadful burdens
Why didn't you tell me what you where here to do?
Ruin everything I built all cause you had to pay a bill
You broke my dreams with one simple skem now I wait till January to leave
Purse my dreams be who I want to be
All cause you were unsure
Now I watch a kid that isn't even mine because you couldn't take the time to do what you had to
I sit at this cold window machine waiting for opportunity
where is life supposed to take me
 your supposed to be older
arent  i supossed to love you,
 look up to you?
All I can do is look down at you
You were supossed to get us out this town  but now we work at dunkin dounuts with our frowns upside down giving people the impression that we are happy
  when were dealing with depression cause I cant take one more session in this damn demention
 this is
 17 me talking to 18 you, you better get your shit together before January's thru

This poem is about: 
My family
My community


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