I'm afraid of waking up with amnesia
I don't want to forget a thing about you
the way you would rest your head on my chest
how your voice sounded when you first awoke
how my shirts always looked better on you then they did on me
or how you said my name
i want to remember the little things we did
like driving to get midnight snacks
meeting under a full moon
walking along the beach
watching vine videos till our sides hurt and we couldn't breath
talking about things we love and hate about each other at 4 in the morning
I don't want to forget
I'm afraid to forget

I wish you would wake up with amnesia
that way you would forget about all the excuses of why we shouldnt be together.
that way i would get to meet you for the first time again and again
I would find different ways to make you smile
find out something new about you every single day
I would be able to relive all of our favorite moments together
I'd know your favorite things without you having to tell me
You'd feel like I've known you our entire life even though we just met
It'd be like 50 first dates although I'd find 50 different ways to make you fall for me
Every day would lead to something new
and every single day would end with I love you

but the only thing that I cant get out of my mind is the time you said Goodbye.

I'm afraid of waking up with amnesia
I don't want to forget
I'm afraid you'll forget me.


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