Amiring Your Love

Thu, 11/21/2013 - 05:57 -- solzac

                                      Love quotes for you My Sunshine

The smell of your fresh breath I feel it's like the elixir of life or  like aroma of ginger lemon and spice.

Looking and gazing at your splendid, incomprehensible beauty, runs me down with intoxication and surprise.

So let me drown in fathom of your  glorifying echanting Godliness.

Let me Sin one more time , to prove my righteousness.

Having frequent thoughts of you, make me feel so good and nice.

Picturing you in every moment of life , such a beautiful thing to visualize.

Falling short of words, in you I am completely mesmerize

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Favorite Quote in this poem is --" Let me Sin one more time , to prove my righteousness."

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