it's funny watching young rich kids be so negative.
and when they vote for our congress its all conservative...
complaining that the homeless get all they deserve,
never worked a day in their life, but their futures still preserved.
the generation before us really fucked us this time,
blaming Obama for deficit Bush left us to find.
now we behind, the greatest country in the world is no longer mine, 
or yours or theirs or his or hers
its fine, its not. lets take it back.
lets remind our children why we pick up the slack.
for our brothers, our sisters, our women and children.
who never got the chance to see the world outside the ruins.
and the right wing conservatives blame them for not trying,

refusing welfare to those who need it during trying times.
but the corporations, the 1%, lets give em a break. 
cut their taxes, because they deserve the billions to take.
its fake its fraud its corruption,
and we eating it up like its nothing.
turn on your tv, there are revolutions everywhere.. 
in egypt, in syria. and we're still complaining its not fair?
yet we do nothing, and therfore see no progression or change.
rely on ignorance and still think it'll make the world a better place.
while we're at it, lets talk about womens rights too...
it never made sense to me why a female wouldnt support blue.
why a male wouldnt support his mom, his daughter, his wife. all valuable life.
life that deserves to make its own decisions..

without a man behind us telling us the consequences.
its my body not yours, dont you care how I feel? is my life not worth yours?
we're equal, or we should be.. in every sense of it all.
you can love the same sex, because we should be loving all.
but we dont, its a joke. we've really back tracked... on the morals, the values..

America, here is where we lack.


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