I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of AmeriKKKa



Your knee is crushing my windpipe making it hard to utter a single word 

Being a black man in Amerikkka is like  being in an open cage but still bound... by lock and key 

These chains aren’t broken 

We’re no longer slaves to the whip but slaves to the mind 

They say we’re free

They say we’re “Equal”

But why is the pigment of our skin looked upon as an untamed beast of the wild

My hands are up don’t shoot 

I reach for my wallet 

3 officers unload the whole clip 


There’s 15 rounds in a clip 

That’s 45 bullets that pierce my body all because the color of my skin was perceived as a threat

I’m tired of walking down the street passing a white couple where the white women clutches her purse in one arm with dear life like I’m really worried about the contents of her possession while the other holds on to her husband in search of safety Where I get that awkward smile by the white man you know what I mean where they press the little strips of paper ass lips together and do that little nod basically saying why is this Nigger talking to me but try to be polite 

Why do u believe I am a threat because your great great grandfather raped Africa dry of its people whipped my ancestors and stripped the of f their identity

That’s just your troubled mind thinking we’re in search for vengeance but in reality we just want peace

Peace from trigger happy cops where they think it’s a means to an ends when they kill another unarmed black man or women

There’s too many cases of Trayvons

Breonna Taylor’s, Dijon Kizzie’s

Don’t be silent....Shout

Don’t retreat... Fight back

What’s it gonna take for us to remove the wool from our eyes that things will change 

Living in a corrupt capitalistic system where we don’t matter

We need to tear down the system that holds us captive to be reborn

Reborn  as a Phoenix and rise.... rise to be 


This poem is about: 
My community
My country


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