The American Man Dedicated to family friend, Kevin Turner


Life altering conditions 

sometimes -

can motivate us to achieve the unthinkable.

We are no longer night dreamers,

we have awoken from our slumber. 

Day dreams -

it's sharper, crisper, more intense than ever 

and becomes within our reach.

Everyday your life becomes an inspiration 

to all who come across your story.


ALS is your trial,

a test. 

Opening your eyes to your strength,

revealing your potential 

to yourself and the world. 

Taking a bad situation,

and finding the good. 

Grasping your purpose in life -

and driving everyone else 

on the quest for theirs. 

You've started something big -

bigger than we could have ever


Guide that inspired this poem: 


Imani Sophia

Very inspiring

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