American The Great You Say?

My eyes are bleeding

Oh my god is that blood?

Hands up!

I'm watching bodies hit the ground around me

And hoping that I'm not the next one

Hoping that my siblings won't get gunned down like the past ones

Hoping that I'm not the only one sitting in my college classes

Because I know no one else is going to look like me

Have to fight as hard as me

Slam against brick walls like me

Screaming out and hope that they'll be heard like me

And it is painfully present that I am so under represented

And it shots out bullets chalked full of oppression

Bullets that I have to dodge and hope I don't swallow their depression

Because then my family will suffer the repercussions

But my timeline is retreating

Because everyday I'm a little closer to be defeated

With cops dropping bodies that look like me

Just because our skin color is a little chocolate you see

Just because we are a little different you and

And everyone is tip toeing around me like I am a walking time bomb 

Waiting to explode from this injustice

Or they drop bombs coated in stereotypes that blow away what little confidence I have in America

You see these hands are scraping up at me and their waiting for their turn to devour me

Because they're afraid of someone like me succeeding

America the great you say?

Then why are all these children dying?

Why am I constantly fighting?

America the great you say?

America is out to kill I proclaim!

Only the ones being killed can see

That America is not as great as you make it seem

Only the ones being pushed down believe that America is out for blood

And we need change

Because no one should have to feel this way

No one should have to fear for their life in this so called land of the free

And if we're controlled by fear

Than when will I ever be free?


This poem is about: 
My country


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