The American Government


Put your ego to the side

And decide what is best

Better for the people

Those slaving away in your factories

Standing in line at the VA

Trying to find a way to feed

Their children for a day

Why do we have to be on the

Left or right wings of the

American Eagle?

Soaring high and soiling the

Faith we put into our leaders

They publish books and punish the good,

No time for a trial, no jury

Of your peers, it’s been like this for years

Guilty until proven innocent

Written in red, white, and blue, who knew

That this country of freedom isn’t so free

When basic human rights cost money

But there is no money, only blind deals

Sell your soul to buy a piece of bread

And keep on working until you’re dead

They hit us with bright smiles and preach

Morality and good will, but do they have the will

To pass laws for the benefit of the citizens

Or will they continue with their sins?

They’re in it for the profit, not for the people

Cross out “rights” and rename it the Bill of Privileges

You can have your opinion, your weapons,

Your privacy, until it threatens the men in power

To them you and I are only another

Mouth to feed, open and begging for a scrap

Our screams and protests don’t reach them

But when it is time to vote,

All of a sudden we are the best of friends

Same backgrounds, same troubles, the same worries

We ask for social security

But not security in social issues

Where is the equality our predecessors died for?

Where is the free will given to all human beings?

Where is the safety guaranteed to us?

The blood of the innocent spells out

“Democracy for all”

Mere children run to answer Uncle Sam’s call

I support our troops, but not the war

They spend billions on defense but none on the poor

We are not a heliocentric planet any longer,

But rather money centric

So how about you

Keep your coins, because I want change 


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