American Gangland

American Gangland


Welcome to the Capital Wasteland

Where we fall into radiation pits and can no longer stand

And the mysterious government has put us into a trance

Let us hold hands……And pray for all the dying fans

Who tumble over each other just to find ways to afford the Jays

Just around the corner, the bills need to be paid

But we rather flash our feet than pay for kids to eat

We rather target the ones who afraid to speak

The Golden Snitch gets the stitch, don’t become the one we seek

And we want it all; from flashy things to diamond rings to the earth

….. But we can’t inherit it like the meek

Speak on Matthew, and wear these words like a dress you can’t see

In America, unless you a size 3, you’re considered obese

But we all just wanna try; we all just wanna fly

So on that Dollar Menu; give us a salad before you offer cheeseburger & fries

America takes the order no matter how long or strange

Gave Obama a dollar, and he still can’t find change

So we proceed to eat candy and drink tea

Hoping that’s not an invitation to shoot and make us bleed

Or have our mom on her knees…………. Asking for help

But in order to seek answers we have to ask ourselves;

How do we get from this?

How did we get to this?

It was a Friday morning; we were just getting movie tickets

Let us rise like the Dark Knights we are

Including the 26 angels of Sandy Hook

Let us run to the finish line if the ground gets shook

Let us climb to the mountain top until Heaven is what we overlook

Let us crawl through the trenches of Hell till’ we mark where we stood

Let us solve the answer to peace and write it in a book

Let us create….. a recipe, including ingredients of trust, faith, and security

And as chefs, Hope is what we’ll cook

Cause we all feel like Outkasts when we throw Bombs over Baghdad

We can complete the Journey if we don’t stop believing

And feel Fabulous when we start breathing

Let us change the nation like the 4 seasons

If you haven’t reached completion

Let these sentences be your reason

Cause we’re all corrupted….. Well….. I guess we’re all corrupted


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