American Dream 

I want the American Dream
I see myself a writer with my own souls ink
for all Americans to read what my heart bleeds, 
what has a originated in my own life
in the early days of my own dreams
what my life could truly be 
I always wanted to be like Shakespeare 
who write in his own heart of dreams
Most of the poor could never see 
what America dreams me to me
in my years of life I had seen the pains of darken dreams
I have see the hearts that bleed out to me
they have dreamed and ever searched out for opportunities
but in the haters eyes
they beaten down Americas lives 
I have seen my own mother and father given up their dreams
just to take care of the family 
but I have listen to the elders that has talked to me
about Americans dreams and what it could bring to me
it was the first manifested in the Declaration of Independence 
but not many could reach and to say not even me
but it did give me an attitude of hope 
when I had listen to ''Donald Trump ''
when he had said the past has been written 
and that life has been beaten 
but he wants to change all of that and give people 
That all man are created the same 
we all do bleed and feel the shame 
that Hillary Clition has gave 
Obama lies that has killed many lives 
they call this Americas Dreams 
that made so many scream while they seen 
their own family's been killed by haters from the other side, 
Donald Trumps stand up for us 
He wants to give back hope for American Dreams 
dreams can hold a mental value for true honesty
I will keep on writing out what I think
in my own American ink 
because I am one of the few honest people 
that can see ''Donald Trump '' will stand up for all of Us
he will fight to give back what others has taken from us
and that is The American Dreams.

Poetic Lilly J. Emery (c) 


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