The American Dream

Discrimination against our fathers and brothers that come from other nations, just to build this better nation

Get called rapist, drug addicts and criminals

When the only thing they’re doing is working hard to give their families a better future, life, and education in this new nation they call home

Leaving everything behind them in their motherlands

They often face the risk of being kidnapped and raped on their way to this better nation with hopes and dreams of living “The American Dream.”

The fear of getting all of that taken away from them crosses their minds every time they get caught working without a nine digit number, they often ask themselves “what is the point of living in this better nation if I get treated like a criminal just for working here?”

All of the fruit and veggies that are placed on your plates were picked out by field workers who come to this nation just to live The American Dream.

So before you point at and judge a latino just ask yourself what did they have to do just to get where they are right now?

All they ask for is respect and better wages, for better job opportunities so they can fulfill their hopes and dreams of living The American Dream.


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