American Dream

One day youre twelve, and the only thing that concerns you is pumping your legs
to win the ultimate game of tag.

Before you know it you’re 16,
the world is at your feet,
although you missed and got his cheek at first, you’ve had your first kiss,
and in your hand is your ticket to freedom,
a small plastic card that results in many late night trips,
often by yourself,
to simply

And then 18 sneaks up behind you,
and you realize this isn’t a game anymore,
and your palms begin to sweat,
as you desperately try to determine your lifetime career,
But you talk to yourself--no--you yell,

"Listen! This is the beginning of freedom."

You blink and you’re 22,
Saddled with debt,
you tell yourself that the piece of paper was worth it,
as your parents begin asking when you’ll be buying a home,
settling down,
starting a family,
And as the bills begin to pile higher and higher,
and the pestering more and more often,
and the jobs become smaller and smaller,
and liquor becomes cheaper and cheaper,
you decide to visit your 16 year old self,
and go for a drive,
with your new found liquid courage.

the needle caressing 80,
and you muse how wonderful it feels to be 16 again,
with the world at your feet,
and as the road continues to disappear beneath the tires,
and trees begin to graze the top,
the world becomes still,
colors begin flashing behind your eyes,
first blue,
then red,
all goes




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