The American Dream

This is the American dream to live in Boston
poets walking around making their sounds
Of ravens all over the ground 
writing their words all over the place 
making a name for then selves 
My all time favorite poet Edgar Allan Poe 
He left his words for all the world to read  
to make hopes and dreams for all poets to be
Boston is not claiming Poe 
Poe is claiming Boston and that is what I 
want to do is to walk in Poe's poetic shoes .
His words of deep dark touch all poetic souls 
He leaves his silk paper trails behind him
He not only left his mark on the world
He left his mark all over Boston .
I know in Boston is concreted in a shimmering
mirage , the burgeoning metropolis of hopes
and dreams for Poets like me .

Lilly Emery



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