The American Dream


Day after day

You talk about revolution

How the world should change

And why everybody else is wrong

And then you go throw pennies in the well

Watching the water ripple

And wonder why the leaves are following

Staring no deeper than your own reflection

You command the words

But forget the actions

There goes your youth

Along with your solutions

A cocophony of problems

One day you were going to fix

But now your wrench is rusty

And your hope is in the ditch

Say goodbye to your tomorrow

Because yesterday you waited

And today all you did was hope

And only think about reformation

Now it seems our generation

Is made up of irony

Land of the free

But slaves to your expectations

Home of the brave

Bravely backing away from conviction

Watching as the cracks deepen

The problem isn't the lack of jobs

But rather the lack of decision

Every day we are in control

Until we are asked to do something with precision

Where are your beliefs?

Where is the ground you stand on?

How can you be at ease

If you think you're never ever wrong?

The world isn't a joke

Your wise comments hurt

The ignorance you wave

Makes our flag burn

The problem isn't them

The problem is us

Separation is our distinction 

but in God We Trust

Self-proclaimed outcasts

Indivisibly individually whining

Until we're needlessly riled

Once again overlooking the value of human life

Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Self Gain

Our hubris is cutting our country like a knife

Yet somehow we can still offer

The promise of a new life


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