An American Dream

Have you ever thought about your future?

What it would be like when your fifty

For me it feels like a mess in my head

Sometimes I go to bed thinking about what's coming ahead

I've read books and articles that talk about what you want to do in your life,

Go to college and make something of yourself

Everyone hears it in school all the time, but I don't mind

Some people don't care and dare insult those who do

Those careless about education are done after high school

Having that higher level of education can be your best tool

Don't let the negativity fool you

They think they are too cool so don't even try or bother

they are just making it harder

I don't know what I want to be yet

for sure I won't spend the rest of my life living hell

I want to be something that matters

I want to have a job that I can enjoy for forty years

I want to have a family I can support

I don't want to live paycheck-to-paycheck nor

do I want to be torn by debt and flounder

I've seen and heard what happens when you fall in that hole

It's something you won't adore

You'll hate it to the core and wouldn't want more

Financial struggles will be in store for those with no plan

You can wing tests but life is a whole different thing

You have to be prepared or else you will leave with your hands empty

Everybody dreams to achieve something special or noteworthy

Wether it be a mansion, a beach house, a Bugatti, ANYTHING

It has a meaning

I don't need those things to be pleased

All I want is to have job that I can have fun doing

All I want is to go farther than anyone else in my family

All I want is to be the father of my own family

All I want is to be able to support them and all my loved ones

All I want is to be financially stable

All I want is to be successful

I don't want to be a failure and I won't be a failure

if God permits

There will be struggles but I will endeavor

No matter how hard it seems

I will achieve my American Dream.








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