" American Dream"


We sit here and go through the motions of an everyday life

They tell you go to school, get a degree, and work for the rest of time

But I sit here thinking of my happiness that I have now sacrificed

I rage out I want to make my own path; and want to create my own shine

A shine that everybody wants to commit; but everyone is so conformed they are scared to roll the dice

I look out into the world and all I see is sad people living the “American dream”

An “American dream” that isn’t even depicted

My shine will soon be beaming

And I now think that we are all gifted

As we go break through the “American dream” we will rise

We can make the world one and now anything is permitted

A mind of my own, breaking free, no longer hypnotized

My shine you cannot duplicate

The “American dream” can now disintegrate  


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