America, the We

Want to know America?

Stand on Lady Liberty.

Get a glimpse of what it means;

Look out as far as you can see.


Once upon a time,

The focus was once on We

Now, go, ask around,

All you get is Me! Me! Me!


All these different ideas

About what it means to be free;

Non-offensive, tolerant,

We cannot simply Be.


Now, stand on the other side,

Look across the way at me.

You say, “why are you so far?”

Because we do not “agree”.


Look over at our neighbors,

Standing alone, so proudly.

They have all these material goods,

But where’s the grace, the love, the mercy?


You stand across a bridge

And look around sadly.

The pain, the fear in your voice, you say,

“Oh! You must get back to We!

This poem is about: 
My country


Julia A Robinson

What is the biggest problem facing America? How can we make America great again?

Get rid of the division. It isn't about you or me or he or she. It's about we.

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