America the Suitable

Just yesterday I stood among some people in the square,

Old Glory waved above us on a fireman’s ladder there.

She had been hoisted to remind us all of where we are,

Of where she’d been and how she’d flown o’er people near and far.


How strange that for a moment I let all my senses go,

And got a visit from my Christ I’ve known since long ago.

“I’ll tell you, little lamb, of how it’s been from the beginning,

There is no peace on earth until I come with Heaven winning.”


America is not unique – like every other nation,

It flies a flag and skies are blue against the earth’s creation.

Some other soldiers are dispatched defending what they know,

To be the truth, to win and teach the world how they should go.


The attitude that everyone is right and no one is wrong

Seems like the anthem for today in media and song.

The gender some are given seems to be a big mistake

And same-sex couples scream, ‘hate crime’ against no wedding cake.


The federal and state will take accounts though quite protested

If two get married legally, the widowed and invested.

In California, Jerry Brown keeps getting re-elected

And pot is grown on acreage owned by Cartel well protected.


We’ve chosen to let techno gadgets do the thinking for us,

Of education, dating, sex, composing for a chorus.

The drones are flying freely with what seems no regulation,

All in the spirit of sweet freedom’s glowing preservation.


The certain folk who wish to kill our citizens fly in

To work their evil doings for the sake of killing sin.

And as a consequence, the Church keeps some within her focus

That we are taught should be deported for all their hocus-pocus.


“When I come back,” my Jesus said, “I want to take them, too,

Until which time I leave a hearty charge to ones like you.

Content yourself with where you are, your gifts of life and love

And be a beacon to the world that hates your God above.




This nation called America is only one of many

Whose citizens declare great hope to walk my Holy City,

Where justice reigns and children play with lions and with asps,

But here you’ll stay and teach that Heaven is within the people’s grasps.”


Then suddenly I came back to the square where long I stood

And looked into the eyes of people in the neighborhood.

I walked two blocks before I reached the public parking lot,

Each soul that passed I greeted with “God bless you” – smiles I got.


Some day my ever-changing life may find me overseas

To study in the Middle East or with the Portuguese.

But for today, as Christ commands, America is my home,

I will live here and make it clear that no one walks alone.


The people of the land are how the country is defined,

This goes for every nation, whether foreign land or mine.

The flags will fly – some plain, some bright but only one will be

The one flown over Heaven’s gate – the country made for me.

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My country
Our world
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