America Loves to Hate!

Oh, America the great,

Why do you fear my courageous mind?

The one who gave life to you, you try to disintegrate.

But without this heroine there’d be no mankind!


Oh, America the land of the free,

Why is it that you envy my golden brown skin?

Though the chains we can’t physically see,

The deaths of my brothers & sisters explains the hate you hold within.


Oh, America the place of endless opportunity,

Why is that my religious clothing or my unfamiliar accent

Causes you to belittle me unapologetically?

I’m here to live out my dreams as well, not to feel your torment!


Oh, America the land of love,

As long as my partner has the opposite parts of me.

But if she’s attracted to her & he’s attracted to him, who are you to judge?

I’ll wave my colorful flag as my partner and I live carefree!


America the great land of love, the free, & endless opportunity.

I’ll believe it when it becomes my reality!

This poem is about: 
My community
My country


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