America the Hate

Americas usually know for the great things that they have done. But is it really all that great? America is known for the land of the free, the land of opportunities, the land for great things to be done; when in all reality it's become shameful, to live in America, shameful to love what we do, shameful to have respect for one another. We were once America the great, now known as America the hate.

So much hate, so much violence, and so much discrimination against others. Our children once were able to be outside and play with bliss and safety in the front yard, now we hide them in our closets far away from society for fear of being stolen and brought up in  corruption.

Why so much fear and why so much hate when once it used to be so beautiful. Our slogan has become "make America great again". But is it great again? Has it ever been great? When did it become less great?

It became less great when the greed for money and hate towards others began. The government became money hungry. Took from the rich and stole from the poor while giving to the undeserving life forms on the earth who have no ambition and no drive to succeed in life.

Maybe one day we can learn to respect and love one another and make America great again and not to be known as America the hate. 

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