America The Greatest

Dear America,

Thank you for the poverty seen on the streets.

Thank you for making kids bite their tongue for speaking the truth.

Thank you for handing children guns, instead of books in their small hands.

Thank you for the school system that makes us think half of us will be failures.

Thank you for having people of all races die for this country.

Thank you for causing more destruction to other countries.

Thank you for making social media a place where kids can be bullied.

Thank you for letting adults act like children while their own kids strive to keep a steady household.

Thank you for the shame put upon loving someone of the same gender.

Thank you for killing animals and plants just to fulfill your needs.

Thank you for ignoring our veterans that fought for our freedom and are now sleeping on the streets.

Thank you for making us think that to be perfect you have be a certain size or look a certain way.

Thank you for having uncommon religions frowned upon.

Thank you for kicking out and killing Native Americans for land.

Thank you for killing the slaves of all races.

Thank you for the concentration camps that were never mentioned throughout our country.

Thank you for the oil spills that kill our animals.

Thank you for kicking out families that didn’t have enough money at the time to pay the rent.

Thank you for worshiping celebrities that have barely done anything for our country.

Thank you for standing by while girls get touched upon by older men.

Thank you for letting police kill those that were just reaching into their pockets.

Thank you for banning books that speak the truth just because they have some curse words in them.

Thank you for having segregation among all ethnicities.

Thank you for crumbling our creativity into burning coal.

Thank you America, for nothing.

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My country


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