America is the Greatest

America is the greatest, our striped banners large and soaring, towering over a

    country that is supposed to be fair to all who come.  

America is the greatest, our industries once so grand, today moving to another country,

    in favor of a better and cheaper plan.

America is the greatest, our media has come so far, biased stories fill the ears of

    all who listen, leaving people less than impartial.

America is the greatest, our government working hard for the people, though with all

    this stubborn disagreement it is not easy to see.

America is the greatest, our people are now all equal, racism, sexism, and

    hatred lurking in the land, ignored.

America is the greatest, our colleges are some of the best in the world, tuition so high

    debt traps its graduated students for years.

America is the greatest, our country is top in defense, spending billions on weapons

    instead of help for the uninsured sick.

America is the greatest, at least that is what the nationalists yell, managing to

    keep their pride while some start to have doubt. 

In truth, America is not the greatest, our system is flawed, corrupt, and defective, there are

    many fine things, but the problems keep it from taking the superlative.  

Our country has so much potential to be divine once more, but we still need to fix so much,

   once we restore our society to all its glory, we can then truly say,

America is the greatest.


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