America the Great

America the Great

Once divided, continued to push past the stake,

With hope, we will rise up and deliver

Our founding principles,

Liberty and freedom of sake.


America, the Great.


Rolling hills of animosity,

And the chill of the civil war,

Cast a shadow on us all

But we overcame by God's will.


America the Great.


But today, we are once again divided.

Our leader? 

Someone who never invited

Love, liberty, light

Into his heart, but instead chose to fight.


America the Great,


So are we truly great?

We could be.

I'll never forget our principles,

of Life and liberty.


America the Great,


How many years have passed,

And how many more,

Can we live to tell our children,

"America, the Great"

If we haven't even made it to shore?




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My country
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