America the Great

Butterflies flutter as she zips up her dress

Memories flash back to the day she said yes

Family and friends all fill the room

She walks down the isle but wait...where's the groom?

At the end stands a small, little woman

Memories flash back to the day it all began

Tonight they will be married and blessed by a pastor

Their beginning of a happily ever after


People of various pigmentations fill the walls

Children of all ages race down the halls

The vice president of the company promoted for his skill

The valedictorian chosen for best climbing the hill

Mexican, Caucasian, African American, Asian

Acceptance is the answer to earth's complex equation

The true beauty of being color blind

By our character and hearts we are defined


Curves and breast make up this CEO

Tears run down the face of a man as he worries about what he doesn't know

The father stays home to watch the child just under a year

Money's brought in by his wife, the engineer

Face paint and a jersey clothe the woman rooting for her favorite team

In the kitchen food is prepared by the man perusing his dream

Gender does not define a set in stone role

It's rather the location of a fire inside ones soul


America the great

Equality from state to state

The opportunity to stand up for what's right

The freedom to put up a fight

America the great

Equality from state to state

The opportunity to make our own choice

The freedom to express our own voice

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My country
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