America the Great

America the great

America the grand

I look to you with an open heart

And reach out a welcome hand

And there you stand so tall and fine

In your red, white, and, blue

You looked to me and gave me hope

That the dreams of all could come true

I was so young, I never knew

You stood so strong and proud

You wove your tales of glory

But your face was covered in a shroud

You built your freedom on a lie

Your laws are nothing more than chains

To bring the people you call dreamers

Down crying out in pain

You claim to be a place for all,

You’re a melting pot of culture

Yet when the immigrants come knocking on your door

You adhere to white supremacy, and leave them to the vultures

The American Dream is what you sell

But when have you ever brought hope?

To the minorities you who built this country,

As you whipped them with a rope

And yet, despite their so called “liberation”

They still had to fight

Fight for equality, fight for equity

To gain their God-given rights

You promised them opportunity

Yet the war they raged never dwindled

Because for every racist fascist

The passion inside them only kindled

No matter what they faced

They never lost hope

Even when their noose was tied

And they felt the sharp sting of rope

What freedom is that?

I see no land of the free

For even GENERATIONS later,

There is no harmony

The government is dictated

By close minded white men

But little do they know

The storm that’s about to begin
My generation has stood on the sidelines and watched

Too young to make a difference, but old enough to know

That how dare you America, how DARE YOU?

Deny anyone’s rights, and yet still act like it is we who owe?

Owe you our gratitude

Owe you our lives

For defending the “freedom”

We all know is a lie

Just look at our president

Donald J Trump

Who thinks a woman is best

On her back wearing pumps

He treats women like objects

And minorities like they’re inferior

And after the progress finally made for LGBT

The homophobes rise still, feeling superior

America, the red, white, and blue

But your colors are not as they appear

For your “Patriotism” comes from nothing more

Than blood, sweat, and tears

But America, just wait

Just wait a little while longer

For once this white supremacy age dies out

You won’t being feeling so somber

A new age will dawn

With fresh, vibrant minds

Who accept all forms of love

Colors, shapes, and sizes of all kinds

America you can become what you promised

On that we can both agree

For your people will keep fighting

Until they bring down the hypocrisy

One day leaders will rise to the top

Who stand for the rights of all

And the sorry excuse for a country you are

Will finally have a reason to stand so tall

Someday America the great

Someday America the grand

Will reach out once again

And I will gladly take its hand

This poem is about: 
My country


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