America the Great

It’s time to confess,

we’re in a big mess.

The opioid epidemic,

might soon be a pandemic.

College costs so high,

no student dreams they can fly.

“Not my president” written on the streets,

people still claiming that he cheats.

Acceptance is key,

denial is a fee.

He won fair and square,

go back to your troll lair.


America the beautiful,

feeling so dutiful.

Yet sanctuary cities,

don’t get government pity’s.

Global warmings a farce,

throw that up your arse.

Unemployment’s an issue,

Oh, here’s a tissue.


America is great,

despite all the hate.

There is good to every bad,

happy to all the sad.

Stop trying to be the best,

just give it a rest.

Do something nice today,

be someone’s hope ray.

It begins with you,

that I know is true. 

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My country
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