America (the game show)


United States
47° 6' 50.0976" N, 122° 46' 15.1788" W

Please do not misunderstand my words
I love democracy very much
Its just that every four years in this nation
Makes it feel like a annoying strike in the guts

Elections are a special event
They are meant to exemplify our freedom
We chose of candidate of both parties
Be it Democratic or Republican

But over the centuries that have passed
Since we declared ourselves a nation
There a certain taint of incompetence
We put up from every administration

Today Democrats are accused
For desecrating the right to arm
Though the Republicans are ones to talk
For limiting or free speaking charm

Both sides are in pursuit for one thing
A goal every four years
To make the other side look bad
Only to heighten the chance to win loud and clear

United in "United States"
Seem like an oxymoron, if you get my idea
The donkey and elephant fight and bicker
Using a bloody battlefield called "the media"

In three more years from now
The next election shall express their idiocy
Using lies, rumors, and bigotry, to win this "gameshow"
But during that time, I'll be on vacation in Italy.

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