America the Free


America the Free~

But freedom has a price

Tears fall from the innocent

As they watch the souls of their loved ones

Tumble to the heavens

Questions unanswered

Nothing yet gained

The traitors still laugh


Free to do and free to say

Words and guns take my freedom away

I’ve seen the world for what it is

I am ashamed of the freedom some freely give

Taking for granted all the blood and the tears


No hope is left what have we done

All freedom is now undone

Hate and violence takes over every horizon

The world is in hell

All of us left to live in fear


Hate killed the conscience

The devil has taken the world’s hand

Where is the childhood

The peace and unconditional love

Gone, gone with our faith in humanity

Love cannot afford to wait


United we stand with the fallen

America the Free

But freedom at what price

United we stand for change

Let that change be love.

This poem is about: 
My country


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