America: The Contradictory Country



Quick to announce accomplishments, yet hesitant to act on anything that may cause an uproar.

The free country where everyone is trapped.

 The country that makes you question if it is pre-slavery or pro-slavery.

We call it the “melting pot” yet get nervous when a new ingredient is added to the mix.

The place where they tell young girls to love themselves then put airbrushed women on magazine shelves, no wonder they think its okay to sell their bodies.

They tell young boys to reach for the stars, yet the only stars they see are in courts or courtyards.

Gripping iron bars or dribbling rubber balls, those were the options.

So they play their hearts out on the neighborhood hoop, 

Cause they’d rather be in an orange jersey than an orange jumpsuit.

They wave money in your face then snatch it away before you can grab it.

They say, 

“It’s okay to make money, after all you need it to live.

But don’t let it become a habit.”

They don’t want to feel threatened when you reach their level of status.

Arresting drug dealers when they sell it to us in hospitals and small bottles, yeah we know.

The only difference: He needed to feed his family, they’re just feeding their egos.

If the cops are supposed to make me feel safe why do I shake whenever I see one?

They tell you the only solution is to go to college so you can be one.

A place where education is emphasized, but you have to pay to have it.

And if the money isn’t up front, you’ll be writing checks in your casket.

They gave us one black president and figured the White House was black for long enough,

Now they’re trying to restore the color with Donald Chump, I mean Trump.



This poem is about: 
My country


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