America beautiful, gorgeous

Wed, 05/10/2017 - 13:31 -- Tuckerr

My heart beats to the drum of patriotism Blaring to be heard not deterred by obnoxious fascism  I, you, he, she, we make America beautiful, gorgeous It isn't a concept or a pretty entity, it's our personal fortress We hold it together, wiping the tears from each other's cheeks The floor rustles and it creaks, but oh our mountains and our peaks The hatred we leak can be patched up by the serenity we seek I've been pegged as negative, accused of hysteria  America, "not fair"ica, the hurt that I can't bareica  It's not my fault I'm awareica of all that we've been thrust into But on the contrary, it's my home, my hope, my highland that I'm accustomed to We built it, but it evolves, we have to morph like clay along with it We found it, and it runs from us, to become a new destination to visit It's free range, it's so strange, but so inherently flawless It's street corners, it's new borders, and we were blessed with all this  I could list off a thousand and one reasons why it's hard here But such is life, America is love, loss, change, fear I take this country in my hands and I cradle it gently I peel back its layers and dents, craters and cliffs, and intently  I find that I love this ground that my high heel sinks in The soft, moist soil that screams freedom thinks in The highest possible level of intellect, let's disinfect The image of its beauty that we absolutely, resolutely must protect It makes mistakes, has the scars, and shows the signs  But is bountiful in opportunities and passionate, brilliant minds  America, "not fair"ica the land that we must shareica  I dwell here indefinitely and to insult it I wouldn't dareica. 

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My country
Our world


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