America the Beautiful!

Run with me through the prairies

Stand with me atop the canyons

Look with me down the valleys

Imagine us scaling the mountaintops

Swim with me from river to rivers

Surf with me in blue and green waters

Come and let’s smell the maples together

The acorns and all manner of vegetation

Let us admire the animals in their variety

From the bald eagle to the starfish of the sea

From the great diamondbacks

To the chipmunks that run across your yard

Come and let’s not only touch the flowers

But let’s adorn ourselves in its aroma

And drink from its nectar

Let our feet trek through the red earth

Let our eyes feast upon skyscrapers

And wonders that only some can behold

Oh come my dear one


Come and let our imagination run wild

Come and let us see life it its fullness

But don’t come and tell me what I already know

That America is beautiful!!!

This poem is about: 
My country
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Annette M Velasquez

Vivid and joyful... Yes, nature is beautiful, its unspoiled landscapes... but unfortunately, the greedy and uncaring are destroying it. This poem is a celebration of the pristine beauty of nature- though many of the animals are becoming endangered, forests are cut down, habitats plundered. You've focused on the positive, which is always good, but we are living a harsh reality.

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