America... Are you late?

America, aren't you supposed to be free?

A land free of racism, injustice, and just letting me be me?

Every day we turn on the news,

A man is dead, his wife and unborn baby too.


Ah shit, we think to ourselves,

Unaware of what's going on in our lives. 

As America, the brave, takes a nose dive.


Our men in foreign lands are dying, 

Fighting a fruitless fight for those in hiding.

America is always spewing "You ARE free"

Not in my eyes, you fucking see...


Our people are dying due to their pigment, who they love, and pure hate.

Is America up to speed or just too late.

Transgender people live in fear of their lives,

and Billionaires are cheating on their wives.


Our country is bound by oppression,

What happened to the original vision?


You can't tell me, Mr. President, that America is great,

When I live in fear due to hate.


For being different.


A god damned misfit!


You sit on Capitol Hill,

Creating new laws and bills,

Further dividing America's will!!!


You can't tell me, Mr. President, that you've seen the eyes of the man who lost it all,

and now you are building that god damned wall?!?!\


You say, Mr. President, that you want to make America great,

But you are just too fucking late


Children are dying because of ignorance and hate,

And all you do is sit and wait.


Waiting for what?; I ask myself


You are waiting for America to be great

But we are all too fucking late...

This poem is about: 
My country


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