home of the brave, land of the free

do what you want, be who you want to be 

you have no limits, even the sky can be yours 

what about those 3 Afghanstan tours? 



Momma can't work, Dad tries to provide

I used to think that our people wouldn't ever lie

We steal, and we cheat, we borrow, we beg 

America is great but there's something we lag



If you're going to be a doctor, a lawyer or vet

better be prepared for years of worry and debt 

Go to college they tell you, get a higher education 

but they don't send much help for this financial situation 



People with pickets, whose life matters more?

it's these conditions that leave my heart sore

I walk through the city, our heros in the streets

they lie there just dying, cardboard for their sheets. 



Despite the state of our nation; lonely and poor

there isn't another country I'd love much more

Founded on freedom, friendship, and liberty 

there isn't a country with much more ability


than America. 


America is great, but it's cracking at the seems.

Will we reach our full potential, will we shine like sunbeams? 

Will we hug our brothers, lying on concrete?

Will we tell them we love them all, that they aren't deadbeats? 


Will we smile at our cops, at our senators too

will we ever understand that there's much more to do? 

America is possibly the greatest nation of this day

but if we don't work together, what does that say? 





This poem is about: 
My country


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