I sit and I stare at this television.

Looking at all of the destruction in the world.

I pay attention to everything that is going on and I sit.

I watch the bombings and the wars on television. 

America: home of the free.

I thought people came to America for a better place.

You know when you're little and you think that the world is just so peachy, full of rainbows and unicorns?


This America is a cruel place.

Full of BITTER ass people who only try to bring you down.

Only darkness and cold days, 

This is "America" where everything is suppose to be "better".

Why when I go outside and walk down the street I see two children sitting there? 

No food.

No clothes.

His mother's on drugs.

Her father was never there.

They're just there.

Why are there people outside of stores begging for there next meal? 

People walk past everyday yet no one has offered them a hand!

We have money to pay for war.

But no money to help the homeless?

America is fighting wars in different countries when there's a war going on in her own back yard.

Killings from our government - to protect our nation?

Boys walk down these streets everyday with a glock 9 in their hand and a blunt on their lip.

But you don't see the problem with that?

Because it's used for protection?

We got babies out here making babies.

No daddies involved.

What is our educational system teaching us?

To give up hope when we don't get that A?

I mean schools to hard anyway so why not play for the NBA?

Be a rapper and talk about how I smashed ya home aye?

Innoccent people dying and being locked up everyday.

America: Land of the free?

Sounds like America's a cold dark prison to me.

America you matter...

So let's change before you're gone..


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