Has integrity

Is not soft spoken

Is strong but not unfeeling

Is resilient through suffering

Is forgiving but never a doormat



Has abandoned the poor

Has sold out the middle class

Is the Middle East’s schoolyard bully

Carelessly stirs the pot

Is a neglectful, favoring mother

Who coddles some of her children

And hates the others



Is a prodigy; a world power

And not even 300 years old

Takes in the world’s strays

And says, have a second chance

Has courage for miles

Gives freedom to its children,

To make their own mistakes



Is a reflection of its citizens;

It is as flawed as each of us are individually

It is a melting pot if culture and values

And, also, of bigotry and prejudices

We are taught to see it as perfect,

So when we glimpse its flaws, they blind us

To the reasons it is beloved in the first place




This poem is about: 
My country


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